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Collins is one of the top makers of English language dictionaries in the world. Its language specialists make use of large amounts of language data to create up-to-date dictionaries with many examples and grammatical information. The word descriptions are designed specially to help language users know how and when to best use a word

▶Dictionary features include◀
• 41,000 word entries and 105,000 text samples including all frequently used words.
• a long list of phrasal verbs with detailed descriptions of their meaning.
• meanings explained using commonly used words only, so learners can easily understand entries.
• British and American English vocabulary. British/American-only words are specially marked.
• explanations and examples use natural sounding, commonly used grammar and expressions.
• thousands of examples of real English showing learners how a word is normally used.
• audio files with American and British native speakers‘ pronunciation of words and sentences.
• a pronunciation guide (IPA) with word stress shown next to each word entry.
• large amount of grammatical information:
- parts of speech (noun, verb, adj. etc.) of each word.
- irregular verb forms and noun plurals.
- which prepositions are used with which verbs and adjectives.
- whether a noun is countable or non-countable.

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