Bug Fix : Font color of icon text is correctly shown when applying a theme
TouchWiz Home provides Home and Apps screens perfect for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Experience the Launcher that has been chosen by thousands of users around the world since Galaxy was first introduced.

It provides carefully selected, absolutely necessary features and customization settings. It's user-friendly, rather than difficult and complicated to use.

It's designed to harmoniously match Galaxy smartphones.

New convenient features
We respect the tried-and-true methods you've gotten used to. However, we're always striving to find better ways to do things.

□ Do we really need to find and tap the Apps icon to open the Apps screen every time?
→ Just swipe vertically on any screen on your smartphone.
□ Did you ever wish the Home and Apps screens weren't separated?
→ Now, you can do as you please.
□ Long press icons and widgets.
→ You can edit them faster and easier.
□ Moving one icon at a time is a lot of work, isn't it?
→ Now, you can move multiple icons at once.
□ Do you have apps that you don't want to see, but need to keep?
→ Hide them for a cleaner look.

Features that you'll meet in Galaxy
□ Wallpaper: Find wallpaper images specialized for Galaxy in TouchWiz Home.
□ Themes: Long press any empty space on your Home screen. Transform your smartphone with a theme of your choice.
□ Try the Secure Folder and Game Launcher too.
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June 20, 2017
Android 7.0+
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  • Zoljac

    This version installed on my S7 latest BTU firmware, not rooted, without any problems.

    But main joy was it installed over stock TW without errors or FC keeping everything the way it was, icons, folders and pages….

    BEST version so far….. :DDDDD

    P.S. and widgets too!!!

    • Madvinegar

      Which widgets?

      • Zoljac

        Just finishing sentence “icons folders pages amd widgets”

  • Elea Siylar

    Hi i recently installed the México firmware and has version number PDA G935FXXU1DQEL and CSC G935FTCE1DQEM security patch date is 2017-05-01, and I could not install any s8 app, what I did was this:

    1. Go to recovery mode, wipe cache partition, whipe data/factory reset, reboot system.
    2. Skip access to Google and Samsung accounts at first.
    3. Install all S8 applications that interest, including the launcher, Bixby or AOD.
    4. And after doing that,I can update them without error, even the latest updates of these days, touchwiz, bixby, weather, gallery, AOD.

    I hope it helps, although it is very drastic, but since I updated with others firmwares same security patch, I only gave the error of packages with the same name.

    Sorry my bad english, Was sponsored by Google Translator.

    • DeathTheKid

      ok you have to know that, you don’t have to factory reset your phone by recovery an wipe, but you have to do it by phone settings without shoutdown your phone, if you want to install all s8 apk you have to go to phone settings, factory reset, do the procedure, then wait until phone have finished first boot, setup it, when youre in the home for the first time install all apk you want, keep in mind that if you shoutdown or restart your phone you can’t install or update any of all new app installed, so if you want s8 app you have to factory reset by settings and after first boot never shoutdown or restart your phone, bye ;)

  • edward

    Success install this one without any problem.

  • Claude Legrand

    S7 Edge may SP
    Workes fine : don’t see any difference with previous version…

  • Emre

    its possible to install this in my S6 ?