Updates via the app store of your choice are only available on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.
- Added an information screen to Samsung TouchWiz Home.
- Improved transitions between the Home and Apps screens when swiping up and down.
- Improved the visibility of app names under icons.
TouchWiz Home provides Home and Apps screens perfect for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Experience the Launcher that has been chosen by thousands of users around the world since Galaxy was first introduced.

It provides carefully selected, absolutely necessary features and customization settings. It's user-friendly, rather than difficult and complicated to use.

It's designed to harmoniously match Galaxy smartphones.

New convenient features
We respect the tried-and-true methods you've gotten used to. However, we're always striving to find better ways to do things.

□ Do we really need to find and tap the Apps icon to open the Apps screen every time?
→ Just swipe vertically on any screen on your smartphone.
□ Did you ever wish the Home and Apps screens weren't separated?
→ Now, you can do as you please.
□ Long press icons and widgets.
→ You can edit them faster and easier.
□ Moving one icon at a time is a lot of work, isn't it?
→ Now, you can move multiple icons at once.
□ Do you have apps that you don't want to see, but need to keep?
→ Hide them for a cleaner look.

Features that you'll meet in Galaxy
□ Wallpaper: Find wallpaper images specialized for Galaxy in TouchWiz Home.
□ Themes: Long press any empty space on your Home screen. Transform your smartphone with a theme of your choice.
□ Try the Secure Folder and Game Launcher too.
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August 4, 2017
Android 7.0+
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  • Alpe1985

    S7???? S8????

  • Gökberk

    Icons and interface is so much bigger on S7E w/ July SP

    • redor96

      Nasıl yüklemeyi başardın acaba ben de app conflict veriyor :(

      • Gökberk

        Aylık güvenlik güncellemesinden sonra telefonu hiç yeniden başlatmadığım için yüklüyor eğer yeniden başlattıysan üzgünüm yüklemez

        • redor96

          Hadi ya hiç haberim yoktu böyle bir durumdan benim, başka bir yol var mı? bilgin var mı?

          • Gökberk

            denediğim ve bildiğim tek yol bu sanırım birde root ama zaten gerek olduğunu sanmıyorum. sürümü her türlü iniyor. önceki sürümlerden onu bul

          • redor96

            Buna ikonlar daha büyük yazmışsın benim en büyük sorunum oydu, ikonlar çok küçülüyordu stock versiyona göre şimdiki stock gibi mi?

          • Gökberk

            Evet aynısı resmen.

  • xperia z

    App conflict on S7 Edge July patch

  • Djuganight

    Can’t install on my S7 due to these stupid Samsung security patches

  • Imad Chani

    App Not Install

  • speedyranger

    not install on my s8+

  • Haha

    Shit samsung..not instaled

  • Abu Dima

    Installed & worked without plroblems on S7E with last BTU update.
    now its faster & much better than before.

    • Djuganight

      You must have a Chinese Samsung

      • Abu Dima

        What do you mean of chinese samsung?
        anyhow my phone is working with uk (BTU) rom with last security update.

    • Shaniyal Tariq

      I have installed bixby on my samsung galaxy s7 edge but this samsung touchWiz Home’s apk is not available here ..what’s the method to install touchWiz home .

      • Abu Dima

        just install like a normal app

  • BlessNeal

    Installed on my s6 edge plus just fine no problems at all😄

  • Issam Al-fares

    Does it work on note 5???

  • RWindows

    The application has not been installed.
    A package with this same name already exists

  • Sgshdgdh


  • Dogukan