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Uploaded May 6, 2016 at 8:58PM UTC by Hasan Ahmed

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Version Number:
• New realistic Oil brush with color blending
• Favorite Color Palette
• New Smudge brush
• Application Preference (Brush Settings reset, Canvas Rotation on/off, Pin Tool bar)
• Bug Fixes
Version Number:
• Gesture based Canvas Rotation
• Pen-Only mode (Palm Rejection)
• Free Selection (Lasso)
• Tool/Brush Softness improvement
• Selector for background image insertion
• Share artworks on instagram
• Bug Fixes

Artecture enables you to sketch, draw and paint like never before. If you love to draw, regardless you are an amateur or a pro, this drawing app provides all the tools and brushes that you’d love. Enjoy over 30 unique high quality realistic drawing and painting tools. Tune them to match your own taste. You will love it. It’s made by art lovers for art lovers like you. It is simple, beautiful and fun, all together. You can do everything from taking notes to fast architectural sketches, cartoons, illustrations, water color and oil paintings. It feels so real. The best part: it’s all free. No ads.. no download request.

Get it and discover a natural and authentic experience of drawing, painting & sketching on canvas.

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Page Name: Artecture Digital Art Community

Main Features:

• All the drawing tools that you love to draw and paint with, including Pencil (for realistic sketches), Marker Pen, Oil Brush, Oil Blend brush, Water Color, Airbrush, Palette Knife (with color mixing), Paint Roller, Paint Tube, Eraser, Flood Fill, Glitter Tube, Far brush, Gradient Brush, Fill Pattern for Every Tool and more.
• Multi-Layers with create, remove, lock, visibility, opacity, re-ordering, merge etc.
• Different Image effects on selected layer like Sepia, Inverse, Blur, Gray, Bright, Colorize etc.
• Symmetry: Vertical, Horizontal, Concentric with changeable center of symmetry.
• Tracing with automatic color pick, Template Coloring, Import/Export Image.
• Gesture based Canvas Rotation
• Pen-Only mode (Palm Rejection)
• Multi-Touch shortcuts.
• Color Palette with favorite color defaults and color picker.
• Rectangular and free hand selection.
• Copy, Paste and Rotation of selected area.
• Export artworks to standard image formats (.jpeg, .png, .bmp).
• Auto saves artworks.
• Open last drawing with tool preferences.
• Static background (Texture, Color, Image)
• Tool presets


• By default, it saves artworks in “Artecture” folder on device storage, with .bme file format. Only Artecture Gallery can open/view this file format. However, you may export to .bmp/.jpeg/.png image file format also. To reuse a .bmp/.jpeg/.png file, you can simply insert it using the insert option.


• Upload single or multiple artworks on Facebook & PenUp both from canvas and gallery.
• Share artworks via Bluetooth, WI-FI Direct.
• Mail, send or save artworks and exported images via MMS, email, shareit and other applications installed in the device.

Help & Support:

Quick reference guide covers the basics of the app.

Need help? Feel free to email us: [email protected]

• This Digital painting tool is free of cost, but advanced in performance.
• You will not be bothered with any advertisement, because we made it ads free.

The Artecture screenshots are artworks of students and professors of Fine Art department, Dhaka University. We thank them for allowing us to share.

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