You've got one chance. Use it!
3 minutes of real-time strategy.

>>Game Introduction<<

■Basic Rules
Form a deck with 8 cards, use Heroes to destroy the opponent's Towers within 3 minutes.

Build your deck with numerous types of cards:
Heroes, minions, buildings, magic...
The possibilities are endless!

■League Matches
Try to be the best in thrilling real-time battles against players from around the world!

Use skills to tilt the scales!
They make all the difference when used at the right moment.

Characters from classic stories come to life as Heroes, funkier and more awesome than ever seen before!

For example...
Red Riding Hood, a girl with an eye for fashion and social media.
Cinderella, a freewheeling pop star who loves motorcycles.
Sinbad, an adventurer who will do whatever it takes for treasure!

More and more Heroes are coming soon!

Character Designer: Koji Igarashi
Character Artist: Ryota-H
Sound Producer: Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Yasunori Mitsuda

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From version Revolve8 1.7.0:
▼ New minion “Little Ogres Squad” added!
The Little Ogres Squad, who learned to cooperate with everyone.
Things that are difficult to do on your own can get done as a group! Right?

▼ New minion “Willo Wisp” added!
It is too big to be a pet, so it is hidden in a secluded place.
I am surprised to see its size when i see it from time to time.

▼ Bug fixes
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