Classic Gameplay
- Negotiate and Fuse new Demons into your party
- Strategic turn-based battles
- Collect demons, customize your Party and use different tactics to defeat your opponents

Massive collection of Demons
- More than 160 different Demons from the original series for collection
- High quality 3D graphics bringing the Demons to life
- Each Demon has its own unique skill-set, mix-n-match them to defeat powerful enemies

Augmented Reality Ready
- Bring your Demons to life in Augmented Reality mode
- Pose and take pictures with your Demon roster

New Game Elements made for mobile
- Reincarnate, Awaken and Archetypes system to further strengthen your Demons
- Provide assistance to your friends with the Battle Assist feature
- Quality of life feature such as Auto-battle and Speed Up mode

Multiple features packed for hours of fun!
- Anime-like Storytelling. Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Tokyo, Akihabara
- Climb up the floors of the “Aura Gate” and be rewarded with valuable materials
- Participate in seasonal events and win rewards that can make your team stronger
- Duel other Players in the PVP mode “Dx2 Battle”

Japanese Voice-over
- Enjoy fully voice-overed storytelling in Japanese
Developer: SEGA
Original Work: ATLUS
Script: Makoto Fukami
Character Design: Tatsuro Iwamoto
From version SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation D×2 1.5.0:
■Ver.1.5.0 Updates
・Added new BRANDS of SIN dungeon "Vanity"
・Added 4 new series of Brands
・Added "Demon Buster Kiwami"
・Added "Boost Mode" on Aura Gate
・Added "Defense Support" on Dx2 Duel
・Added "Win Streak Bonus" Dx2 Duel
・Added Dx2 Multi-party Edit
・Added "Rewatch Story" function
・Updated AR function
・Adjusted the game balance
・Tweaked certain game features
・Fixed some issues
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