v5.4.6.5 updates
- Minor improvements.

Keep enjoy!

SHOWROOM is one of the largest live streaming platforms in Japan!*

Enjoying live streaming has never been easier.

Interact with and view streams from all the popular idols, artists, models, voice actors, comedians, celebrities, and more!!

Users can enjoy the many steams on the platform everyday or even start your own stream and start interacting and amassing a fanbase of followers.

(*) According to AppAnnie, including web and smartphone app.

◆How to Enjoy SHOWROOM◆

■Watch Live Streams!
Watch your favorite streamers and interact with them through commenting and send gifts. Streamers love to chat with their fans, so jump in to watch a stream and make sure to say "hello" in the comments!

■Start Stremaing
All you need is a smartphone to start streaming! Once you have started your stream, you can comment directly with your fans.

■There are lots of events every month!
There are many events held on SHOWROOM every month!
You can send gift items to streamers in events and help make their streaming dreams come true!
【Examples of Event prizes】
- TV appearances
- Production of original music by famous composers or musicians
- Appearance on runways of large fashion events
- Exclusive and regular modeling for famous magazines
- Fashion model for popular stores
- Become an ambassador for a famous company or store
- Create original goods in collaboration with stores and create a special sections in the stores
- Design your own original avatars

■Recommended functions
○Live Streaming
With SHOWROOM, you can easily stream live from your smartphone!
Feel free to start at any time you like! A lot of friendly listeners are waiting for you!

SHOWROOM has a unique avatar system that makes communication through your custom avatar fun!

You can enjoy karaoke streaming while singing your favorite songs!
The listener can liven up the karaoke transmission with a mirror ball gift!

You can give items to your favorite streamers to support them and help make their dreams come true with your support!
You can choose from many gifts to send to your favorite streamers!

You can use a variety of filters and make-up functions to make your skin and hair look beautiful, or create your special streams. Try to find your original settings by combining different effects!

○24-hour monitoring
In addition to the unique AI (patent pending), SHOWROOM is working to create a safe and secure environment for everyone by creating a 24-hour monitoring system to check for inappropriate streams or comments.

■SHOWROOM is recommended for the people who
- Want to support streamers who works hard for their dreams
- Want to work hard for my dream.
- Like to see popular idols and artists streaming
- Want to have friends I can talk to
- Want to increase their fanbase on Twitter and Instagram
- Want to enjoy live streaming with fans

■Official SNS accounts

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January 30, 2023
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 6.0+
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