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This app can only be used in combination with the Philips Hue Bridge v1. ​

To ensure that we can regularly provide the majority of our users with new features and functionality in the app we had to create this specific app for the Bridge v1 as that bridge is no longer capable of supporting all the new cool things that we are doing.​

Therefor we recommend al our Bridge v1 users to upgrade to the Bridge v2 to keep getting the latest compatibility, functions and features. The Bridge v2 is a smoother running device, more secure and more integrated with the major virtual assistants. If you already have a Bridge v2 you can use the main Philips Hue app to control your lights and enjoy the latest features.​

Philips Hue is a collection of smart lighting products (from bulbs to lamps and fixtures) that you can control with apps, sensors, switches, voice assistants and many more integrations. To learn more about Philips Hue please visit​
From version Philips Hue Bridge v1 1.1:
Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 1.0.0 on October 3, 2018
(Android 6.0+)
Latest: 1.1 on October 17, 2019
All versions
October 17, 2019
October 3, 2018