A clean flashlight with an extra bright display and customizable stroboscope. If turned on via the app (not widget), it will prevent the device from falling asleep.

Comes with a 1x1 widget with customizable color.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

This app is just one piece of a bigger series of apps. You can find the rest of them at www.simplemobiletools.com
From version Simple Flashlight 5.0.0:
Increased the minimal requested Android OS version to 5 (Lollipop)
Replaced G+ button with Reddit
(Android 4.1+)
Latest: 4.2.0 on October 5, 2018
(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 5.0.0 on October 17, 2018
All versions
October 17, 2018
October 5, 2018
August 10, 2018
April 15, 2018