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Our last update addresses a few bugs and improves user experience

From version SkyTeam 3.9.7:

About SkyTeam

The SkyTeam App is your fingertip guide to traveling the world with our 19 world-class member airlines. Use the app to plan your trip. From finding and tracking flights, to pinpointing airports and comfortable lounges, this handy tool will smooth your way as you travel the globe. Check out all of the useful features designed for today’s traveler:

•Flight Finder: plan your schedule and itinerary with all 19 SkyTeam member airlines
•Airport Finder: locate your nearest airport and its lounge facilities, SkyTeam member airlines flying there, SkyTips and weather details
•Lounge Finder: helps you find your way to more than 750 comfortable lounges worldwide
•Flight Status: live 3-day tracking on all SkyTeam member airline flights
•SkyPriority Finder: Find out exactly which SkyPriority services are available for your next trip
•SkyTips: travelers’ tips & tricks for selected airports in the SkyTeam network
•My SkyTeam: save your flights and airports for future reference
•About SkyTeam: Everything you need to know about the alliance and our member airlines

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SkyTeam 3.9.7
September 11, 2020


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SkyTeam 3.9.6
December 24, 2019


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