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New hearing aids supported:
Phonak Audéo™ Lumity*

-Separated speech focus and noise reduction controls
-Control of new feature StereoZoom 2.0
-General bugfixes and performance improvements

* The app is available immediately worldwide. The release dates of hearing aids vary by country. Contact your hearing care professional for availability.

The new myPhonak comes with improved functionality and a new design to make your hearing experience as seamless and as tailored to your needs as possible. myPhonak provides you access to enhanced hearing controls and personalization options for your Phonak hearing aid(s) in addition to tracking your health data*.

The Remote Control enables you to easily make changes to your hearing aid(s) to suit your personal preferences for various listening situations. You can easily adjust the volume and various hearing aid features (e.g., noise reduction and microphone directionality) or select pre-defined programs according to the different listening situation you are in. Additionally, you can make quick adjustments to the pitch of the sound in the equalizer by using the presets (default, comfort, clarity, softer, etc.) or more personalized adjustments using the sliders (bass, middle, treble).

The Remote Support allows you to meet with your hearing care professional through a live video call and have your hearing aids adjusted remotely. (by appointment)

Numerous functions are available within the Health section such as Steps* and Wearing time*, including Optional goal setting*, Activity levels*, Heart rate tracking**, Distance walked and ran***.

* Available on Paradise Rechargeable, Audéo Fit and Audéo Lumity
** Available on Audéo Fit only
***Available on Audéo Fit and Audéo Lumity

Finally, myPhonak allows for configuration of Tap Control, setting up cleaning reminders and provides additional information, such as battery level and status of connected hearing aids and accessories.

Hearing aid compatibility:
myPhonak is compatible with Phonak hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity.

myPhonak can be used with:
Phonak Audéo™ L (Lumity)
Phonak Audéo Fit™ (Paradise)
Phonak Audéo Life™ (Paradise)
Phonak Virto™ P-312 (Paradise)
Phonak Naida™ P (Paradise)
Phonak Audéo™ P (Paradise)
Phonak Audéo™ M (Marvel)
Phonak Bolero™ M (Marvel)
Phonak Virto™ M-312 (Marvel)
Phonak Naida™ M-SP (Marvel)
Phonak Naida™ Link M (Marvel)
Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct***

***Advanced Remote Control and Remote Support not available

Device compatibility:

Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified Android devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Android OS 7.0 or newer. Phones with Bluetooth low energy (BT-LE) capability required.
If you want to check if your smartphone is compatible, please visit our compatibility checker:

Please find the Instruction for Use on

Android™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.

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