New for 2020 shooting games, the official Men in Black FPS mobile game! You can now take on aliens in the world of Men in Black! Join players across the world and save the planet from destruction. Criminal aliens have invaded and it’s up to you, a MiB agent to take them down. Choose your weapon and get out into the world, duty calls.

Love shooter games? Enjoy sniper games and multiplayer games? Then this alien shooting PvP is for you!

Working alongside human and alien MiB agents, you can play a multitude of game modes on your mobile device for free, anywhere and anytime in this alien shooting classic. Join other agents around the world in Player vs Player (PvP) mode, experience Boss Battles, enter the Arena and complete Campaign modes to get the most out of this entertaining First-Person Shooter Game.

This is a fast-paced, intense and free-to-play Men in Black game designed exclusively for mobile. Play today, sniper! One of the best shooting games available today, enjoy this alien shooter! An epic sniping game, this is one FPS experience that you don't want to miss!

Sniping games to challenge you!

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From version MIB: Galaxy Defenders Free 3D Alien Gun Shooter 500062:

Calling all Intergalactic Agents, new content incoming!

● New Raid Boss Event - Battle the Dyad Twins with super cool event weapons!
● Awesome new Bug Blaster Event and exclusive weapons!
● Exciting new challenge mode!
● Lots of balancing tweaks & bug fixes!

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