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This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 1.25.70:

sportbank is a mobile bank that’s available 24/7. 👍Our online banking app was designed specifically for our clients in Ukraine. The bank boasts convenient functionality and quick support for everyone in Kyiv, Lviv, and throughout the country. 👌

sportbank is licensed to issue cards by TASCOMOBANK JSC. You can register your card, maintain your own account and enjoy many other cool features in our app.

🤝 How to use the app:
✔️ Download the sportbank app on your mobile device.
✔️ Fill out the form, take a photo of your passport or ID, and the identification code. Alternatively, you can undergo the verification process through the Diya app.
✔️ Activate your card in the app and you’re ready to go!
✔️ Add your virtual card to your wallet and use the payment by phone capability. Pay for goods and services via money transfers. Send money to your family members and put some in the digital piggy bank.
✔️ Go online shopping and buy yourself a new purse or pair of shoes!

🤩 What do we offer its clients?
✔️ You can take out a loan of up to UAH 100,000 on your credit card with a grace period of up to 62 days*.
✔️ Looking for a savings bank that will help you collect interest? We’ve got you! Collect up to 5.55% with a Backpack savings account. Interest is paid weekly every Friday. You can check your credit online, withdraw money, or replenish the account anytime.
✔️ Pay with your phone using your favorite mobile payment service.
✔️ Catch our support team in action 24/7. Communicate with customer service using just your phone. Choose the messenger that suits your taste. We will keep your conversations private and give you timely updates with answers to your questions.
✔️ Make a deposit with 10% interest per annum with the possibility of early termination if you need to quickly make a large money transfer.
✔️ Receive SWIFT currency transfers to your sportbank card and stock up on foreign currency.
✔️ Use the app to issue a virtual єПідтримка card if you need to receive assistance from the state.
✔️ Get a sense of how to manage your spending and finance with sportbank.

*The maximum loan amount is UAH 100,000. The maximum term for a loan is on demand. The loan amount is the difference between UAH 100 and the amount of your monthly payment. The real annual interest rate can range from 0.00001% to 121.77% (depending on the chosen conditions). Further details and costs are provided by Oxy Bank JSC and TASCOMBANK JSC banks.

Do you have any feedback about our application? Do you know what we can do to score even more? How can we make our easy banking even easier? Please reach out to us and share your thoughts!

JSC ""TASCOMBANK"". In the State Register of Banks No. 45. NBU License No. 84 dated 10/25/2011.
JSC ""Oksi Bank"". In the State Register of Banks No. 30. License No. 247 dated November 15, 2011.

sportbank is an online bank that’s here for you 24/7, whether you’re an individual or a private business. Get a credit card, pay with a mobile, save money in a piggy bank, and more!

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