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Save time and get more done with the Square Payroll app. Pay your team anytime, anywhere in just a few minutes. The app comes fully loaded with all the tools you need. Plus, we handle all your quarterly and annual payroll tax filings so you can stay compliant without a second thought. Download the app and give yourself the flexibility to pay your team on your schedule.

Square Payroll costs just $29 per month plus $5 per person paid. Our pricing is fair and flexible—if you pay fewer people one month, you’re charged less. And if you’re just paying 1099 contractors, there’s no monthly subscription fee: it’s just $5 per contractor you pay each month.

Setup is easy—get started with Square Payroll in a few simple steps.

Note: This is an app for employers who want to pay their team. If you are an employee or contractor paid through Square Payroll, download the Square Team App to access your online account and see your pay stubs.
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May 9, 2019
Android 4.4+
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