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Manage your STC accounts with the MySTC Android app, which gives a full android user experience. provides access to your bills, data and call usage, subscribed packages and services, the latest STC offers and much more.
- Manage your STC profile
- Login with your STC Online account or using a One Time Password
- Instantly view all your information at a glance with the MySTC dashboard
- Support for Jawal, Hatif and Sawa numbers
- View your latest bill, as well as previous bills
- View your up-to-date (real time) internet data usage
- View your Qitaf details, and redeem your Qitaf points instantly
- View your STC packages and services, and instantly subscribe/unsubscribe
- View all your call usage, and switch between name and number
- View the latest MySTC Offers
- View all STC outlets, kiosks and Tamayouz outlets
- View your Tamayouz account information and the latest Tamayouz offers
- Link any Sawa number with your ID
- Recharge your Sawa number instantly
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From version MySTC 3.17.2:
- Landline can be easily relocated to a different address

- Setting an appointment for the technician visit is available, as well as postponing it to any time

- Enhancements in landline packages and services

- 5G coverage can be found on the map
Latest: 3.9.1 on March 6, 2018
Latest: 3.17.2 on October 14, 2019
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