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Maki is coming back with small design changes that will definitely make app usage more comfortable. And you will love it (even if you don't at this moment).
Hello! My name is Maki and I have 60 seconds to get your attention and convince you to tap on the "Install" button below my name.

Fast, cool, incredible - yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone says this about themselves. Everyone tries to be better in your eyes.

I will go another way. I will open you a whole new look on using Facebook - one app for feed and messages, built-in audio calls, a lot of customizations and control over the Facebook usage.

Yes, you are able to remove unwanted publications from your news feed or highlight the most interesting ones using keywords. If you want to skip some political news - enter the selected keyword and you will forget about those posts. Or you can highlight videos with cutie cats, meow.

And you can restrict usage of Facebook in selected time intervals and I will deny you at opening Facebook - during that time you can focus on work, education or your partner. Seriously, if you want to hang out with that girl or boy it's a perfect time to do that instead of non-emotional chatting on Facebook. Don't be afraid - everything will go fine.

And the cherry on top - no trackers and advertising from my developer. I will not collect your data to "improve your app usage" (to earn money from selling your data, actually). I'm truly friendly.

Interested? That's it. If you want to learn more about me - let's become friends. Download me now and let's start our amazing journey into Facebook lands.

Contact developer here - maybe you have some warm words for him about me (I'm too shy to read those messages): [email protected]
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3.6 Beta
May 7, 2019
Android 5.0+
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