Stop unwanted calls with T-Mobile Name ID and say goodbye to scammers, telemarketers, and other questionable callers. With Name ID, you can block these callers, and block or manage any other phone number. Name ID also identifies callers—even if they’re not in your address book—letting you choose who you talk to. Reverse number lookup is included as well, so you’ll never have to wonder who called you.

T-Mobile Name ID features:

- Identify and block likely scam calls
- Identify and block unwanted callers
- Identify and send call categories to voicemail—telemarketers, surveys, political callers, and more
- Identify unknown callers
- Report call violations
- Reverse number lookup
From version T-Mobile NAME ID
Name ID now allows you to manage calls individually or by category giving you the option to send calls from telemarketers, political organizations, surveys and others directly to voicemail. Our latest update also introduces an improved user interface along with enhanced notifications and search capabilities.
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