The T-Mobile NAME ID application lets you choose who to talk to before you answer. It identifies incoming callers even when they’re not in your address book. It also lets you block unwanted calls including known scam callers. In addition, T-Mobile NAME ID immediately alerts you when a telemarketer, political campaign, or other organization is calling. T-Mobile NAME ID also provides reverse number lookup so that you can receive caller name information for millions of people and businesses.

T-Mobile NAME ID Feature Highlights
- Identify unknown callers
- Identify and block likely scam calls
- Block unwanted callers
- Reverse number lookup
- Block all private or unknown callers
- Report call violations

NAME ID includes Scam ID and Scam Block to identify and block calls from known scammers.
NAME ID empowers consumers to block unwanted calls directly from their smartphone.
NAME ID provides the name of the incoming caller when your phone rings allowing you to answer only the calls that you want.

Lookup that number that you don’t recognize by entering any number and returning the caller name.

Report callers who are breaking “do not call” rules and regulations directly to the FTC

Stop unwanted calls today with T-Mobile NAME ID!

Scam ID and Scam Block features are always included at no extra cost!
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Our latest T-Mobile Name ID release provides a few minor fixes and performance enhancements
(Android 5.0+)
Latest: on October 3, 2018
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October 3, 2018
April 21, 2017