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Quickly order delicious pizza 🍕, pasta 🍝, burgers 🍔, salads 🥗 and sushi 🍣 using our app at ± 13.000 delivery services throughout Germany! With over 1 million restaurant reviews, you can be sure of no surprises.

With the Lieferando.de Android App you can now easily satisfy your hunger from anywhere and order burgers, pizza, pasta, sushi, salads and much more from ± 13.000 restaurants and delivery services in your area. No matter if you are/eat in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne. Lieferando.de comes to you!

And the best part: It's easy!

Simply enter the post code of the delivery destination or use your exact GPS location.
The app shows you immediately which delivery services deliver to you. Now just select the food, add a drink and send the order. In a short time, your food will be there!
There are several payment options to choose from: PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, or cash at your door.

And, of course, you will benefit from the unique Lieferando.de reward points on the move, or on your couch with the Android app.

✔️ App Features:
- Order food from ± 13.000 delivery services including Call a Pizza, Nordsee, Pizza Hut, Vapiano, Hallo Pizza and Burger King
- Pay with Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and cash
- Completely SSL encrypted, secure data transmission
- Collect loyalty points
- Automatic location determination
- Review and compare delivery services
- Filter and sort restaurants to find what you like easily!

We are always grateful for your feedback and your suggestions, so we can continue to improve the app. For suggestions and requests just send us an email to androidapp@takeaway.com.
We will take care of it.

Download NOW, order food, satisfy your hunger and benefit from the Lieferando.de service!

Lieferando.de wishes you a "Bon appetit 🍽️!"

No matter if it is currywurst, ice cream, meals on wheels, a candlelight dinner or just a snack - anything is possible!

You can get everything delivered:
Pizza, sushi, Chinese, Asian, kebabs, Indian, Greek, burgers, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Turkish, steaks, cutlets, Japanese, pasta, sausage, Vietnamese, Salads, American, Soups, currywurst, German, Fast Food, baguettes , Korean, ice cream, hot dogs, donuts, wraps, desserts, chicken wings, bagels, nachos, tortilla, fish, burritos, muffins, antipasti and much more.

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7.6.1 APK
June 23, 2021
Android 5.0+
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February 13, 2023


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