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* Mostly bug fixes and improvements.

Olauncher - minimal and free launcher that respects your privacy.
This app frees you from distractions so you can focus on the things that actually matter.

* One of the 15 best Android launchers currently -
* Among 15 best Android apps launched in 2020 -
* Honorable mention by for best apps of 2020


Due to limited resources, development on the free version has almost stopped. New features will be added only in the pro version, which will be available soon. Stay tuned.


1. Hidden apps:
Long press anywhere on the home screen to open settings. Then tap on the 'Olauncher' text on the top to see your hidden apps.

2. Double tap to lock:
On some Android devices, apps are not allowed to lock phones normally without disabling bio-metric unlock. In those devices, when you double tap to lock, screen will go black and phone will lock itself after 5 seconds. During that time, you can double tap on screen to see your home screen.
Please note that fingerprint unlock won't work for 5 seconds because phone is not actually locked yet.

3. Navigation gestures:
Some devices do no support gestures for third party launchers. We'll see what we can do about it but most probably, it will be fixed by an update by Google or your device manufacturer.

4. Uninstall
Apps with admin permission cannot be deleted. Turn off double tap to lock to remove the admin permission.

Olauncher respects your privacy. It neither tracks your app usage nor collects any data. If you have any question regarding privacy, feel free to contact us.

Twitter - @tanujnotes

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March 12, 2021
Android 6.0+
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