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* Triple tap to change dark/light mode
* New batch of beautiful wallpapers

If you have any queries, please check our About page in Olauncher settings.

Olauncher is one of the most simple and best rated minimal launchers available. This is what Olauncher does for you, for free -

- Makes your phone look super clean (see screenshots)
- Frees you from digital distraction (no icons or ads)
- Does NOT collect any personal data (open-source)
- Gives you a dark and light wallpaper daily (for free)

If you're completely new to Olauncher, it will take you about 2 days to understand how life changing a minimalistic launcher can be. So try it today! And tomorrow. :)


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- One of the 15 best Android launchers - AndroidAuthority
- Top 10 Android apps of 2020 - Mobiscrub
- One of 15 best Android apps launched in 2020 - AndroidAuthority
- Olauncher gives your home screen an open-source, minimalist makeover - AndroidPolice


We're doing the best we can to provide a cost-free, ad-free and privacy respecting launcher without making any money from it. The complexity of any app grows exponentially with each new feature, no matter how small. Please don't be disappointed if we decline your feature request to keep things simple. We hope you understand.


1. Hidden apps
Long press anywhere on the home screen to open settings. Tap on 'Olauncher' text on the top to see your hidden apps. I hope you liked how well they're hidden. :D

2. Double tap to lock
Olauncher uses Accessibility service to enable double tap to lock. If it stops working, please grant Autostart permission and turn off battery optimisation for Olauncher. You should find these options in your phone settings.

3. Navigation gestures
Some devices do no support gestures for third party launchers. We'll see what we can do about it but most probably, it will be fixed by an update by Google or your device manufacturer.

For more tips, visit our About page, available in the Olauncher settings.


Olauncher source code is available on Github under GPLv3 license.


Olauncher respects your privacy. It neither tracks your app usage nor collects any personal data. If you have any question regarding privacy, feel free to contact us.

Stay safe!

Twitter: @tanujnotes

P.S. Thank you for checking out the description. Only a few very special people do that. Take care! :)


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v3.4.2 APK
September 26, 2021
Android 6.0+
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