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TeamViewer Pilot (powered by ARCore) provides easy, fast, and secure remote assistance to identify and solve problems in the real world.

Use this app to receive remote assistance for all kinds of equipment, machinery, and infrastructure issues.
• Simplify troubleshooting and improve productivity by showing the problem instead of just telling about it.
• Receive real-time service and support from your remote experts
• Your experts see what you see and annotate with 3D markers that stick to real-world objects
• You can even share your knowledge by creating video tutorials for training purposes

Key Features:
• Remote camera sharing and real-time video streaming
• 3D annotations
• Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES session encoding, 2048 Bit RSA key exchange
• Plus so much more…

TeamViewer Pilot is the #1 choice for visual and remote guidance of field service technicians.
From version TeamViewer Pilot 14.6.188:
- It is now possible to connect from the Android TeamViewer Remote Control app to the Pilot app
- Arrows appear smaller to cover less space in the real world when smartphone is close to the object
- Higher frame rate, as well as image quality improvements for both video stream and paused image
Latest: 14.6.180 on August 29, 2019
Latest: 14.1.94 on December 6, 2018
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