Obd Arny is the simplest car scanner which works according to OBD2 standard.

- You need ELM327 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter to connect to a car.
- Your vehicle should be OBD2 compatible
- ELM adapters version 2.1 are often can be corrupted, so try to choose version 1.5 if you have a chose.

How to start

- download Obd Arny;
- Turn On Bluetooth;
- discover your ELM adapter (only for bluetooth versions);
- choose your adapter in the application settings;
- start scanning your car. That's it!


You can make scanning and diagnostics using the application Obd Arny and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi ELM327:
- scanning and reading basic information about car (vehicle) according to OBD 2 standard;
- making vehicle (car) diagnostics, reading and clearing trouble codes (DTC) from the electronic control unit (ECU).;
- reading live data (speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature, engine load, short/long term fuel trim, fuel and air pressure etc);

To have a look at the Obd Arny application without scanning the vehicle, you can use the demo-mode (in this case you don’t need ELM327 bluetooth device that works according to OBD2 protocol).

Full version

In the free version your application functionality is limited. You can buy the full version of Obd Arny and you will get the next paid functions:
- No ads;
- You will see diagnostic trouble codes which were hidden with asterisks in the free version;
- You can select up to 10 instead of 3 live data parameters;
- Freeze frame data;
Pay attention that the amount of supported live data parameters doesn’t depend on the application version. The amount depends only on your vehicle.

Request support: Fill free to contact us using the appropriate button in the application menu. Then use email application.

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