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Hey, MyTelkomsel users, let’s check MyTelkomsel new design out! Not only cool for the eyes, but you can also explore cool things too, thanks to these awesome upgrades:
• New revamped for browse package and package details UI.
• New revamped for prepaid voucher UI.
• Security enhancement for the login process.
• Bug fixing.
Get the best of Telkomsel services with MyTelkomsel. With the newest update, MyTelkomsel presents you a cool refreshment with the newly designed dashboard. It’s much easier to explore and find cool features now!

Easily Explore Your Needs

Exploring various choices of packages is getting more fun with the latest look of MyTelkomsel. Now, you can also save the packages you like on the Favorites menu! Besides that, top up credit is more fun with a new look. Buy credit to another number now so much easier with a variety of payment methods, such as TCASH, debit, credit card, or Virtual Account (VA).

Everything is So Simple

Have more than one Telkomsel numbers? Easy, you can add your new Telkomsel number or swap back to your other Telkomsel number in a simpler way.

Checking credits for simPATI, KARTU As, LOOP or postpaid bill are now more convenient with display bar. You will simply notice when your credit is running out or your postpaid bill is reaching the limit.

No need to be confused with our detailed packages, quota, voice quota, SMS quota, and a monetary bonus. With the new UI, you can check all of the details with such an ease.
Activating TCASH, checking your TCASH balance, and checking your POIN status are also much easier now.

Wow, life is getting simpler already, right?

Also, don’t forget there’s quick action shortcut to explore the hidden treasures that Telkomsel has for you!

Find Cool Offers
As usual, Telkomsel has many cool offers for you such as special packages, vouchers from POIN redemption, and many more. The good news is, with the new look and design, it would be easier to browse and find the offers suitable for you.

Just click, see the details, redeem your POIN or buy it using TCASH. How convenient!
Don’t worry, you won’t miss any offers and discounts because you will be notified directly via your phone. You can even share the information via social media.

So, what are you waiting for? Download MyTelkomsel App now and share your experience of while exploring MyTelkomsel!

We are happy to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or other inputs, please email us to [email protected], mention @Telkomsel via Twitter/Facebook or through Voice of Customer on MyTelkomsel App. For further information, visit

Oh, before you go out to explore, we would like to remind you that:
- MyTelkomsel is optimized for smartphone usage, not the tablet.
- Make sure you have the latest operating system (Android 5.0 or above).
- The compatibility with other device and other device resolutions are not guaranteed.
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December 14, 2018
Android 4.1+
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