TELUS Device Checkup® has 3 tools to help you get the most out of your phone at TELUS. The Checkup tool offers you tips and recommendations and helps you setup key TELUS network features. The Services tool will look up and advise you of your warranty and Device Care claim options. The Tutorials tool is your at-home learning centre, helping you get the most out of your TELUS phone and Android features.

Checkup will help you keep your device performing in top shape by:
• Identifying settings and apps that use a significant amount of your battery and storage
• Checking if your device has a known issue and providing solutions
• Making sure you’re on the latest version of Android
• Connecting to the TELUS LTE and LTE-Advanced networks with VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling for the best network service
• Even if your device is running well, learn helpful tips to manage frequently-used apps to save space or conserve data

Services covers programs and services including:
• TELUS warranty coverage, Easy Repair program options and exchange eligibility
• Device Care coverage and claim options (Device Care can be purchased separately at any TELUS location)
• Filing a next day, to your home, Device Care replacement device claim
• Locating your closest TELUS and device manufacturer’s authorised service centres

Tutorials tailored to your specific phone:
• Teach you to use new Android and phone specific features and capabilities
• Walk you step by step on how to get the most out of your phone
• Covers over a dozen categories, ranging from simple to complex topics

About Permissions
TELUS Device Checkup® requests a number of permissions to help diagnose and understand your device. This information is is used to offer you suggestions on how to improve your device, and to help us improve the app itself. The privacy of your information is protected. You can read more about privacy at TELUS by clicking on the privacy policy below, or by visiting

We will ask for the following permissions:
• Phone - We use this permission to diagnose roaming, network connectivity, and network status. We also use it to verify TELUS device warranty through your phone number and IMEI
• Storage - We use this permission to diagnose which apps and content are consuming your storage and to check your SD card status (if equipped)
• Contacts - We use this permission to diagnose and verify you have activated theft protection and device backup accounts
• Location - We use this permission to diagnose cell network and GPS information, and alert you to known issues in your local area
• Data Usage - We use this permission to check how much data each app on your device is using and to identify data saving suggestions for your installed apps
• System Access - We use this permission to help you fix common system settings, such as misconfigured network settings, in a single touch
From version TELUS Device Checkup® 2.11.0:
Just like your phone, we need a tune up every couple of weeks. We've added some new tips and removed some bugs.
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