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Pokémon Smile helps make toothbrushing a fun habit with Pokémon!

Turn toothbrushing into a fun and exciting adventure with Pokémon Smile! Players can partner up with some of their favorite Pokémon to defeat the cavity-causing bacteria and save captured Pokémon. Only by consistently brushing their teeth can they save all the Pokémon, earning the chance to catch them.

■ Thorough toothbrushing is the key to catching Pokémon!
Some unlucky Pokémon have been captured by the cavity-causing bacteria inside your mouth! By brushing your teeth, you can defeat these bacteria and save the Pokémon. If you do a great job brushing, you’ll be able to catch the Pokémon you save, too!

■ Completing your Pokédex, collecting Pokémon Caps—there are lots of ways to enjoy Pokémon Smile!
• Pokédex: More than 100 adorable Pokémon appear in Pokémon Smile. Build up a habit of brushing your teeth daily to catch them all and complete your Pokédex!
• Pokémon Caps: As you play, you’ll also unlock all kinds of Pokémon Caps—fun and unique hats you can “wear” while brushing!

■ Keep it up to become a Brushing Master!
Regularly brushing your teeth will earn you Brushing Awards. Collect all the Brushing Awards, and become a Brushing Master!

■ Decorate your favorite photos for fun!
While you brush, you can let the game snap a few photos of your great brushing in action. Choose your favorite shot, and then have some fun decorating it with a variety of stickers! Keep brushing your teeth daily, and you’ll continue to collect more stickers you can use to decorate your photos.

■ Useful supervision features
• Toothbrushing guidance: Players will be guided through the toothbrushing process, helping them to brush all areas of their mouth.
• Notifications: Create up to three reminders a day to notify players when it’s time to brush!
• Duration: Choose how long each toothbrushing session should last: one, two, or three minutes. That way, the needs of users of all ages can be accommodated.

■ Toothbrushing tips
After each brushing session, you’ll also be able to pick up some helpful tips for how to brush the best you can, based on advice from dental professionals.

■ Important notes
• Be sure to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before using this app.
• This app is not intended to prevent or treat cavities, nor does it guarantee that players will gain a liking for toothbrushing or make it a habit.
• When Pokémon Smile is being played by a child, a parent or guardian should always be present and support the child in their toothbrushing to avoid accidents.

■ Supported platforms
Pokémon Smile can be played on devices using a supported OS.
OS requirements: Android 6.0 or later
• Please be aware that the app may not run properly on certain devices.

©2020 Pokémon. ©1995–2020 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.
Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

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