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• We are releasing a new “Incidents Map" of coronavirus (COVID-19) data available. That map will track reported cases of the virus and other metrics locally, down to the county level in the United States. We'll also offer news and information to help you stay informed.

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Weather your way: face all weather conditions this spring with The Weather Channel, an IBM Business. Get live radar updates and check the local weather conditions on the go. Get ready for what's ahead with local weather news, including your weather map, storm radar and local weather forecast.

Live weather radar, pollen forecast, as well as your local temperature - available wherever you are! Get your daily local weather map and temperature info this spring, so you can prepare for your day with confidence. Living in an area prone to severe weather? Our storm radar and GPS tracker have got you covered. The Weather Channel provides an accurate weather forecast that helps you plan up to 15 days in advance, with NOAA alerts and severe weather recommendations.

Want to enjoy the spring, and get out to enjoy the warmer weather conditions? Don't get caught in a sudden rain downpour - plan your week with our detailed weather tracker. Track your local weather map and live weather radar and prepare for what's ahead, whether that's a bit of rain, a crisp and sunny day, or severe weather. Our practical GPS maps and storm radar will help you face whatever the clouds will bring.

Track weather alerts thanks to our live weather radar! Discover The Weather Channel’s top 5 features:

1. Weather your way! Get a personalized live weather map and check weather conditions in a new way. Discover a live radar, a rain tracker, and our new Feels Like feature to get an accurate idea of how it feels outside.
2. NOAA weather alerts that you can subscribe to - Press push notifications and get real time notifications for all severe weather updates with our storm tracker.
3. Track weather alerts & conditions - Stay on top of spring weather with our rain GPS, and track weather alerts with our storm radar.
4. Smart videos! Discover visuals of NOAA alerts and track on a GPS map the development of a storm.
5. Track the flu spread with Flu Insights with Watson - We can now predict the flu risk up to 15 days in advance, and we’ll alert you when there’s an increased risk in your area.

Stay alert: track travel weather and plan spring outdoor activities with confidence.
• Weather maps & weather forecast updates give you all the information you need, wherever you are! Know what to expect before you even set foot outside, from temperature to wind chills.
• Don’t get caught in the rain! With NOAA alerts, a weather forecast up to 48 hours and our live weather radar, you will be prepared for anything.
• Daily temperature, wind speed and weather maps let you know if you need to bring a light jacket, sunglasses or your umbrella!
• Run smart with Running Index! Find the best running conditions by examining the temperature and detailed wind speed updates to plan your perfect route!

Keep informed on the latest weather news.
• Stay prepared during extreme weather events and earthquakes. We’ll send you live alerts, so you’ll always be aware.
• Our live radar will help you track extreme weather where you live.

Enjoy our Premium version! Get all the information you need regarding local weather and temperature.
• See the forecast for the next 96 hours
• See 24 hours into the future with 24-Hr Future Radar
• From humidity to UV index, get more daily details with your Premium experience.
• Plan your day without the inconvenience of ads for just $9.99/year.

Be alert and get all the information you need with live news and maps.

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According to App Annie, The Weather Channel was the #1 weather app by combined worldwide downloads from 2016 through 2019 and is used by over 50 million monthly active users worldwide.

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