"Hello, friends! We hope you had a wonderful New Year's celebration and made lots of cherishable memories with the hotel guests!
However, the season doesn't finish here! With our latest update, you can:
- Celebrate Valentine's Day and find out what Oliver has in store for Emily this year
- Join in on the Australia Day festivities
- Participate in the extravagant and eye-catching Venetian Carnival!
All the festive preparations are finished, and our hotel residents are waiting for you!"

Do you enjoy seek-and-find games where you need to solve mysteries, find hidden clues, search and find hidden objects, and spot the difference? Or you prefer hotel games where you need to build, design, and renovate?
Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery combines search, detective, hotel, and design games in one! Dive into the world of mysterious adventure right now!

Main features of "Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game":
+ Find hidden objects and complete various design tasks
+ Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn graphics
+ Dive into the captivating storyline
+ Play breathtaking mini-games and events: spot the difference, find silhouettes, game of dice, etc
+ Chat with players and send gifts
+ Stand first on the leaderboard
+ Seek and find online or offline without an Internet connection
+ Explore lots of levels
+ Use hints

Pro tips to solve the mystery

Search and find like Sherlock
Hidden Hotel game is different from other puzzle games such as Match 3! Here, you’ll find hidden objects concealed within a picture. Feel like a detective from the addictive novels. Keep your brain sharp and find mystery clues in the Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery game. Solve the mystery, search hidden items, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Start with finding tiny clues and solve the great mystery!

Every detail matters
The difficulty level increases as you search hidden objects in mystery game scenes. Tap and open items to find hidden objects behind them. Pull aside the curtains and open the boxes to reveal which hidden objects are concealed there. It's not simple, but you can do this! Get the highest score for every hidden picture scene, no matter how tricky it is! Hidden Hotel is all about mystery adventures and fun!

Take advantage of hints and boosters
Use search tools if you get stuck. Boosters help you to seek and find hidden objects! Lantern highlights hidden objects. The clock gives some extra time. The keys open 3 items on the location. Radar shows every item in the scene for a second.

Enjoy different search modes
"Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game" includes a wide variety of mysterious hidden object seek and find modes: word search, cobweb, silhouette, reverse words, spot the difference, and coins. To make things even more exciting, we constantly update our content with brand-new mysteries! Pay attention to all the hidden clues, and Hidden Hotel will reveal its secrets to you!

Reveal your inner designer talent
The artistically decorated interior in the old mansion mesmerizes from first sight! Seek and find hidden objects, earn stars, pick up the design and renovate the Hidden Hotel to your taste.

Get ready, your mysterious adventure in this hidden object game is about to begin! Harness your seek-and-find skills and immerse yourself in the world of "Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery - Hidden Object Game" now!

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1.1.91 APK
January 30, 2023
Android 5.0+
1.1.91 APK
January 30, 2023
Android 5.0+
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