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We’re bringing you our take on trending stories, current news and all the buzz from the world of entertainment, lifestyle, technology, sports, health and more.
Catch up on all the important stories of the day with our daily morning and evening update. Get all the viral videos from all the top social networks in one place.
Indiatimes app is your home for all the latest and trending stories of the day and we promise you there will never be a dull moment. We feel energised and restless to tell you- stories that you won’t stop talking about - stories that amuse, inspire, shock, surprise and compel you to share them with your friends.
Indiatimes app is your gateway to the hot, buzzing, and exciting side of daily news. Keep yourself updated with all the relevant stories of the moment.

• Get the trending, viral, and best of the content across Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle, Health and other categories handpicked by us.
• Get updates every morning and evening and catch up on the latest news and happenings of the day
• Save stories of your interest and read it at a later point in time.
• Share your favourite pieces of content with friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more.
• To keep yourself ahead, get custom notifications for trending and breaking stories.
• Enjoy all the trending stories in short and crisp format and stay updated with the latest news on the go, with the Brief section.

What’s New:
Bottom Tab Bar: Tab bar helps you to discover and consume stories of different categories and formats.
Search: Now you can quickly search and discover what you want to read.
Lightning fast: Now load any story at the lightning fast speed with enriched experience, along with quick and easy navigations.
Personalised experience: Login to the Indiatimes app to get the personalised experienced built on your preferences, interest and behaviour. You will receive notification whenever we have something new of your interest.

Stay updated with trending stories and latest news. Download the Indiatimes app and transform the way you read your daily news.

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