** Kasa Smart is currently only compatible with TP-LINK HS100/110 Smart Plug, HS103/105 Smart Plug Mini, HS200/210 Smart Switch, LB100/110/120/130/200/230 Smart Bulb, IP Camera KC120, Smart Router SR20, and RE270/370/350K Range Extender **

Kasa Smart lets you add, configure, monitor, and control your connected TP-LINK Smart Home devices from anywhere in the world. You can schedule your appliances to turn on or off according to your schedule, or set them to Away Mode to deter would-be burglars. And that’s just the beginning. Purchase a TP-LINK Smart Home device and download the app to get started today.
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2.4.0 is a minor release that enhances the KC120 onboarding experience, improves the speed of Kasa Cam video streaming when on the same Wi-Fi network, and adds support for Android Oreo and Pie-specific needs. Not to disappoint, we’ve thrown in some bug fixes for good measure.
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