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Final Season of the Fury of the Elements begins!

+ 30 new cosmetics packed in "Mechanicals vs Merfolk" Wardrobe!
+ Wardrobe contents can now be previewed
+ Gold earning increased
+ New Premium Cosmetics & Powerstones on Season Path
+ Plethora of unit Balance Changes
+ New page on Leaderboards, check the previous Season Top 100!

Join Battle Legion Discord channel to discuss tactics with other players, and to talk with the devs.
If you're looking for real mass battles, look no further! Battle Legion puts you in shoes of an aspiring commander, and as you rank up through unforgettable victories, so does your legion.

Design and tweak your army from dozens of unique units, ranging from classic sword and shield fighters to arcane wizardry, dark age machinery, and mythical creatures. Equip your troops with skills that match your masterplan, sit back, and watch how they fight pitted enemy legions to the death.

- BITESIZED COMBAT: battles last around 20 seconds
- LAID BACK GAMING: you plan the army layout, and they do the fighting
- AUTO-PLAY: your legion keeps fighting as you go about your daily business
- COSMETICS: choose what your units, battlefield, and banner looks like
- PLAYER BATTLES: Face other players in the battlefield and learn from their strategies

Battle Legion has an active Discord community where players discuss winning strategies, tips and development of the game — with devs frequently participating in the chat. As the game is currently in beta, your valuable feedback can affect its development now more than ever.


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