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Hotel Search and Save Money: Top 5 Reasons to Download trivago:
1. Compare hotels and find rooms from hundreds of bookings sites worldwide.
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5. Hotel search with the trivago Rating Index® – see the combined online ratings of all available hotel review scores so you feel confident before you book.

Find hotels, motels or B&B’s and compare prices across all the top bookings sites including Expedia,, Holidaycheck, ebookers, AlphaRooms, LateRooms, Travelrepublic,,, Priceline, HotelTonight and more.

Find rooms in hotels near well-known sights and set a maximum price. Keep your hotel search within budget and easily compare hotels and search by both location and price. Discover hotels, savings & travel discounts for your cheap last minute trip.

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- The Guardian lists trivago among the “10 best money-saving apps.”
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Download trivago to discover hotels and compare prices for great deals. Save money and plan for future holiday bookings while on the go!

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March 20, 2023
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