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We've updated how articles from Gannett's network of publications appear in this app, highlighting local coverage relevant to you. And as usual, we've fixed several bugs and made some performance improvements.

The USA TODAY app puts the pulse of the nation in the palm of your hand. Experience comprehensive and personalized coverage the way you want it with award-winning videos, compelling photography, and interactive features that will always keep you updated – on your terms.


• PERSONALIZE YOUR FEED: With My Topics, you choose what you want to read about, and get notified when there's something new.
• BE FIRST TO KNOW: Turn on breaking news alerts so you always know what’s going on.
• ELIMINATE INTERRUPTIONS: Get the same great storytelling with no ads for only 99c for your first month, then pay only $4.99/month.
• RELAX WITH GAMES AND PODCASTS: Play the daily crossword and sudoku (tablet only), and listen on demand to your favorite USA TODAY NETWORK podcasts.
• UNPLUG WITH QUIET TIME: Just because USA TODAY’s award-winning content is updated 24/7, doesn’t mean you have to be.

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