Forget the old fashioned photo editing tools, create VIMAGEs instead! It’s a hybrid from a Video and IMAGE, that’s why we named it VIMAGE.

With our more than 50 built-in, looped video effects you can express yourself different than ever before.

We’re unreleased yet because we’re still refining the experience. But trust us, it’s worth to give vimage a try, join our more than half million users.

How does it work?

1. After you downloaded the app we recommend to browse trough our built-in effects. So you’ll know how to tune up your future photos too.
2. Create a vimage! Press the “+” button and take a photo or choose on from your gallery.
3. Choose one of our effects.
4. Place it, make some final touches and…
5. You’re done! Amaze someone you love by sharing your artpiece


Why is VIMAGE different than Lumyer, Zoetropic, Plotagraph, Werble or any other photo animator app?
With VIMAGE you can not only create living images, but you’ll get the ability to make realistic, relaxing and illusory cinemagraphs. Download now and feel the difference.
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