Build an empire and clash with other players from across the world in epic MMO battles.

Gods and Glory is the ultimate mobile strategy game with over 3 million players from 130 countries.

Dive into the heat of battle with your heroes, conquer new lands for valuable resources, build a sprawling and harness the power of the gods… these are only some of the exciting adventures that await you in Gods & Glory!


- FIGHT in unique role playing battles
- BUILD & DEFEND your capital from incoming invasions
- CONQUER the neighbouring realms for useful resources
- RULE and expand your empire as you wish
- UNITE in powerful alliances with friends and fellow players from over 130 countries
- SUMMON the power of six different gods and harness their powers in battle

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Gods & Glory is a massively multiplayer online strategy game.
From version Gods and Glory: War for the Throne
• Generals can now evolve and get new unique skills.
• The city now has a portal for sending your army to Expeditions to get useful items!
• New principle of getting rewards in events: now you get rewards for every unlocked chest.
• Seasonal crafting has moved to a separate tab—Special Craft.
• Sets of accessories are now available for the Hero. These sets can be adjusted and changed.
• A round indicator is displayed in battles.
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