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- Sign up / open cash account on mobile
- Open additional Taxable/IRA accounts on mobile app
- Account transfer: transfer an investment account
- Lock app with pin or fingerprint
- Borrow with Portfolio Line of Credit
- Shake to Share
- Invite friends to get money managed for free
Save. Plan. Invest.

Earn 2.07% APY on your cash, get advice on how to manage your savings, and automate your investments at a low cost.

2.07% APY to grow your cash faster
Open a Wealthfront Cash Account right in the app and earn more than 20x the national average interest according to*. The rate may change but we’ll continue to do everything in our power to pass along more savings to you. While we’re not a bank, we work with our partner banks to provide up to $1 million of FDIC insurance. This account is offered by Wealthfront Brokerage.

Free financial guidance tailored to you
After linking your financial accounts, find out if you’re on track. We’ll give you insights into how early you can retire or in what neighborhood you can buy a home. Plan for both your short and long-term goals, and we’ll give you guidance on how to make it all happen.

Invest while keeping fees & taxes low
Through our software-only approach, we invest your money in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds, and our tax-loss harvesting strategies help lower the taxes you pay.

Borrow quickly & easily with a Portfolio Line of Credit
Portfolio Line of Credit is the fast, easy and convenient way to access cash. No application, no credit check, and you get the cash you need without selling investments and disrupting your strategy.

*The national average according to Bankrate: 0.10% APY, as of September 20, 2019.

Nothing in this communication should be construed as an offer, recommendation, or solicitation to buy or sell any security or a financial product. Any links provided to other server sites are offered as a matter of convenience and are not intended to imply that Wealthfront Advisers or its affiliates endorses, sponsors, promotes and/or is affiliated with the owners of or participants in those sites, or endorses any information contained on those sites, unless expressly stated otherwise.

The Cash Account Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is as of September 20, 2019. The APY may change at any time, before or after the Cash Account is opened.

Cash Account is offered by Wealthfront Brokerage LLC (“Wealthfront Brokerage”), a member of FINRA / SIPC. Neither Wealthfront Brokerage nor its affiliates is a bank. We convey funds to institutions accepting and maintaining deposits.

Deposits to the Cash Account are moved to one or more program banks where they earn a variable rate of interest and are eligible for FDIC insurance once your cash arrives. FDIC insurance coverage is limited to $250,000 per individual client per banking institution, so by using multiple program banks, we can offer up to $1 million in coverage. For more information on FDIC insurance coverage, please visit The deposits at program banks are not covered by SIPC.

Portfolio Line of Credit is a margin lending product offered exclusively to clients of Wealthfront Advisers by Wealthfront Brokerage LLC. You should consider the risks and benefits specific to margin when evaluating your options. Learn more about these risks in the Margin Handbook.

Investment management and advisory services are provided by Wealthfront Advisers LLC (“Wealthfront Advisers”), an SEC registered investment adviser, and financial planning tools are provided by Wealthfront Software LLC (“Wealthfront”). All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. Please see our Full Disclosure for important details.

Wealthfront, Wealthfront Advisers and Wealthfront Brokerage are wholly owned subsidiaries of Wealthfront Corporation.

© 2019 Wealthfront Corporation. All rights reserved.
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