- Introducing Xodo Actions. Work smarter with powerful documentation actions.
- Improve signature flow and ability to add typed signatures
- Added ability to rotate free text annotations
- Added ability to quickly create bookmarks with a single tap (can be enabled in settings)
- A number of user interface changes and bug fixes

Xodo is an all-in-one PDF reader and PDF annotator/editor. With Xodo, you can read, annotate, sign, share your PDFs and fill in PDF forms. Plus you can sync with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

• Write directly on a PDF, highlight and underline text, and more
• Convert from PDF to and from office / image formats
• Auto-sync your PDF edits with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive
• Open MS Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files for reading and annotating, and save as PDF
• Fill PDF forms and sign documents
• Take notes on blank PDFs
• Powerful file organizer
• Powerful conversion tools
• Powerful PDF tools
• Optimized for tablets and phones, Xodo is full-featured and a pleasure to use


Conversion Tools

Quick and easy conversion with our conversion tools:

• Convert PDF to Word
• Convert PDF to PowerPoint
• Convert PDF to Excel
• Convert PDF to JPG
• Convert PDF to PDF/A
• Convert JPG to PDF
• Convert Word to PDF
• Convert PowerPoint to PDF
• Convert Excel to PDF
• Convert Word to JPG
• Convert PowerPoint to JPG
• Convert Excel to JPG

Simply Select the right converter and get your files converted to the format you want!

PDF Tools

• Remove sensitive content with reliable PDF Redaction tool
• Quickly shrink documents with strong Compression tool
• Easily combine multiple documents in to a single PDF file with Merge tool
• Quickly split or extract pages to a new PDF file with Extract tool

PDF Reader

• Bookmark PDF pages for future reference
• Night Mode for comfortable PDF reading in dark environments
• Tabs allow you to quickly work across multiple PDF documents
• Crop pages to fit content precisely on small screens
• Reflow reading mode shows the PDF text at a size of your choosing
• A PDF table of contents allows you to jump chapters and sections
• Printing
• Full screen mode
• Enjoy continuous vertical scrolling while viewing in single page, two pages, and cover page modes
• Support for split screen mode
• Full text search with navigable, detailed list of search results, page rotation, high levels of zoom, and more

PDF Annotator and Editor

• Draw and type directly on PDFs and Office files
• Highlight, underline and strikeout text
• Add arrows, circles, lines and more
• See all annotations at a glance with the annotation summary, and just tap one to navigate to it
• Scroll and turn pages by using two fingers while you annotate
• Merge and split PDFs; rotate pages
• Optimized for SPen and other styluses
• Thumbnail browser for deleting pages, changing page order, and inserting blank pages
• Complete PDF support and compatible with Adobe Acrobat® and other PDF viewers supporting standard PDF annotations

Sign & Fill PDF Forms

• Fill out, save, and send PDF forms
• Sign a document by hand, and save your signature for later reuse

Convert & Create

• Use your camera to scan a page, or open an existing image to create a new PDF (tif, jpeg, gif, png)
• Create new blank PDFs and use Xodo to take notes

Dropbox & Google Drive & OneDrive Sync

• Auto-sync annotations back to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

File Manager

• Rename, copy, move, or delete docs and folders with Xodo’s built-in file manager
• Recent files can be quickly accessed, and will automatically open to the last page visited
• Grid view shows thumbnail previews of PDFs and easy access to file details

Make Xodo Better:

Have an idea to make Xodo even better? We'd love to hear it! Please add your ideas and vote on other ones here: goo.gl/mE8lrv. Community interest plays a big part in how we prioritize upcoming features, so let us know what's important to you.

Xodo | Transforming how the world works with PDFs | @XodoPDF | www.xodo.com | www.xodo.com/legal

Xodo is powered by PDFTron | pdftron.com

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8.0.10 APK
April 26, 2022
Android 5.0+
8.0.10 APK
April 26, 2022
Android 5.0+
8.0.10 APK
April 26, 2022
Android 5.0+
8.0.10 APK
April 26, 2022
Android 5.0+
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