There are no complicated tariffs and solicited services in Yota. You can change conditions in application as you like and when ever you need it: minutes, Gbytes, unlimited Internet are connected to your favorite applications separately.

Now you always have:
— Common price at home and during trips in Russia.
— Unlimited calls in Yota network in Russia.
— Expenditure monitoring in Yota mobile application.
— 2G/3G/4G mobile network in whole country.

With the help of application you can:
— Monitor current conditions and change it easy.
— Connect auto payment from the bank card.
— Change your number.
— Manage roaming services.
— Contact with Support Desk.
From version Mobile operator for Android 5.0.1:
Now you can choose 0 minutes and required number of gigabytes if you use Yota for Internet only.
All versions