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Achieve the fitness results you want – inside and outside of the gym – with 24GO, the Official App of 24 Hour Fitness.

Designed for members, friends or anyone who wants to live fitter, 24GO coaches you on what to do to achieve results, in the ways that work best for you.

Based on the goals and preferences you enter, 24GO will recommend workouts – and personalize them to fit your needs, no matter where you are. Custom plans and easy scheduling help keep fitness on your calendar, so you always have what you need to succeed.

KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHEN with Custom Workout Recommendations

- 24GO custom picks workouts for you that fit your goals, equipment and location in that moment, so you can go straight to working out.

- Adapt your workouts on the fly: skip or swap out exercises, change the duration, or add or remove equipment for the perfect fit.

ACHIEVE YOUR RESULTS FASTER with Hundreds of Workouts and Plans

- Browse over 1,000 in-club and at home workouts from trusted partners like 24 Hour Fitness, YourTrainer, and Move 123.

- Find live in-club studio classes and on-demand group exercise videos.

- Browse health, fitness and wellness articles from industry experts and stay up to speed on the hottest trends.

- Get a game plan for success with multi-week, goal-oriented fitness plans you can customize to fit your schedule.

STAY ON TRACK TO RESULTS with Scheduling and Reminders

- Allow 24GO access to your mobile calendar, so you can plan out your week and add workouts and classes.

- Receive alerts and reminders about your scheduled classes, workouts and training sessions, so you never miss the best part of your day.

- Allow 24GO access to your location to find nearby 24 Hour Fitness clubs and classes.

- Add the 24GO skill to your Alexa Echo device to hear nearby class schedules whenever you like.

MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS with Performance and Goal Tracking

- Fitbit integration - Connect your Fitbit account and your 24GO workouts will count towards your goals in Fitbit.

- Heart Rate Monitor integration - Add your Bluetooth 4.0 capable device and view HR inside your workout.

- Apple Health integration - 24GO can send your workout data (Active Energy, Heart Rate, and Workouts) to Apple Health, so they count towards your Activity Rings. 24GO can also read data from Apple Health (Date of Birth, Height, Weight and Sex) and use this data to recommend 24GO workouts.


- Get a free fitness appointment with a personal trainer, to help you build and customize your 24 Hour Fitness Fit Plan.

- Add your 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer to your account for extra accountability and personalized support.

- Find your favorite classes and add them to your mobile calendar, set reminders and get real-time updates.

- Invite friends to join you for classes and workouts by sending them a free guest pass to 24 Hour Fitness.

- View and earn Fit:Perks® Rewards points for completing plans, workouts, classes and more.

24GO is free to download and use. Messaging and data rates may apply.

The 24GO Privacy Policy can be found at www.24hourfitness.com/company/policies/privacy/privacy_policy.html

The 24GO Terms of Use can be found at www.24hourfitness.com/company/policies/terms/terms_of_use.html

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June 27, 2022
Android 5.0+
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