What is new on Netflix, what is expiring, and where do I find great movies, shows and documentations? Do not miss a thing with this personal streaming guide to Netflix!

Netflix is vast and can be quite confusing. “WhatsOnFlix?” takes care of that and structures the offered streaming opportunities for you to give a complete overview at a glance.

Daily updated lists show newcomers and soon expiring content. With information, description, ratings, trailers, and containing direct links for viewing on Netflix.

The most complete Netflix mobile search-engine on the market lets you run through all available content on Netflix to search and filter by type, genre, rating, or language.

You are looking for a drama show from 2001 with Spanish subtitles and an 8.0 or better rating? No problem. If it is on Netflix, we will find it for you.
You are looking to get information about actors, release year, or production country for a movie or show?
Save your favorite shows, movies, and reality tv sagas on your personal list of favorites that you can share across your devices!

This enables you to keep an eye on all changes to the Netflix catalogue while saving time on selection. Search them, watch them, or binge away, it is that easy now.

Additionally, we provide you with editorials to Netflix content. New trailers, reviews of episodes, previews, or podcasts.

Here is what “WhatsOnFlix?” has in store for you:
✔ Complete Netflix catalogue for the United States
✔ Daily listing of newly added & expiring content
✔ App is available completely in English language
✔ If desired: Push messages for highlights
✔ Frequent and regular improvement updates
✔ Editorial news to Netflix content
✔ Integrated data from IMDb and TMDb
✔ Extensive Netflix search-engine

If you are a movie buff, or big into tv shows, or really like anime, or are on the lookout for the latest comedy hit: “WhatsOnFlix” has got you covered and neatly orders the streaming chaos of the Netflix catalogue for your personal preference.

Do not get upset any longer about having missed an expired content that is no longer on Netflix or having missed a new Netflix premiere. “WhatsOnFlix” has your back! Spend less time searching and more time watching!

Disclaimer: “WhatsOnFlix” is an independent app and not affiliated or owned by Netflix or its companies. The Netflix brand is a protected, copyrighted brand belonging to Netflix, Inc.

You got suggestions, questions or an issue? For support and feedback please send an email to support@whatsonflix.app. Thank you!

From version WhatsOnFlix? (Was gibt's Neues bei Netflix?) 3.8.16:

- BUGFIX: switching countries didn't work in some cases
- BUGFIX: some small fixes and improvements

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