Version 1.3.52

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Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burned calories, crush training goals and more with the Cycling - Bike Tracker app. Stay on track, no matter where you are, on the trail or streets. Whatever your goal be it to lose weight, shape and tone, build strength, bike race, get faster or improve endurance or just ride the bike, this fitness bike computer app will help you achieve your goals faster.

With this app, you can track all of your exercise using GPS, check your stats, and reach your goals. Longer distances covered equals more calories burned, too! Take your first step today, download the free Cycling - Bike Tracker app on your phone and push yourself to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

On top of being a bike computer, cycling tracker, bike tracker and fitness tracker, this app provides you with many more features to improve your fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your exercise.


* Map workouts in real-time with GPS & monitor exercise progress with this Cycling app
* Calculate route distance, duration, speed and calorie burn for your activity - in high accuracy and real time, it’s your personal bike computer and is much more than a cycling tracker.
* Export your workouts in CSV (Excel format), KML (Google Earth format) or in GPX format
* Trim workout if you forgot to click on “Stop” button when you finished cycling
* Create a video animation of your workout that you can watch, save or share with your friends.
* Advanced graphs for distance, time and calories burned, in 4 different intervals (week, month, year and all)
* Share your workouts, statistics or records with your friends, you can choose from multiple different options for sharing
* Cycling - Bike Tracker app allows you to set a goal that's right for you (number of burned calories, distance traveled or riding bike time, number of workouts) and get notification when they accomplish.
* No locked Features, all features are 100% FREE. You can use all features without having to pay for them.
* Track your Road Bike, Mountain Bike, bmx or any other bike.
* No wristband, bike gear, or other hardware required, no website login, just download for free Bike Tracker app and start tracking your exercise right away. This Cycling app works entirely from your phone.
* Complete challenges that app provide and stay motivated to riding bike more
* This Bike Tracker app offers everything a hobby biker, BMX rider, road bike or professional mountain bike rider could ever need.
* Keep track of your personal records in the Cycling app.
* Set a privacy zone and places where your workout starts and ends will be hidden (moved to a different location if they are in the privacy zone) when sharing your workouts or workout animation
* Fast, light and user-friendly bike computer app, small size (below 6MB)
* Voice feedback letting you know your progress as you cycling. A motivating voice that you can customize to relay your speed, pace, distance, time and calories burned, also customizable per distance / time.
* Bicycle tracker - add multiple bicycles to the app and keep track of your statistics with each bike and track status of tires on your bikes and app will remind you when they are for change

This Cycling app have Wear OS version too that enable you to control workout from your watch (pause, resume or stop workout). You can see all details about workout on your watch. App also measure heart rate from your watch and sending it to the phone app.

To use both apps (app on the watch and app on the phone) together, you need to have Cycling app – Bike tracker app installed on both your phone and your watch and you need to have your phone and your watch connected and to do these 3 steps:

- Open watch app and click on green button
- Open phone app and click on "Workout setup" button (right of the "Start" button) and click on "Connect the Android watch"
- Start workout on phone app (click on "Start" button).

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1.3.52 APK
March 21, 2023
Android 6.0+
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