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We have now updated the Self-Service feature, which allows you to access your service modules by simply clicking on your profile. And now, you can view your colleagues, favourites, and department in a completely revamped design under Organisation View. Check it out and let us know your feedback.

Zoho People - A cloud based HRMS solution that takes care of all your HR management needs while you take care of your employees. From Employee Management to Attendance Tracking to organizing Time Sheets, you get them all in Zoho People.
Here is what Zoho People offers for those who want to connect smartly with their employees:
Attendance tracking - Track your employees' time, attendance, absenteeism and holidays even when you are away from the office. 
Staff management - Call, text or email to colleagues within your organization instantly from anywhere with the easy-to-use People-Locator tool!
Timesheet management - March towards better productivity with the Time Tracker that lets you log working hours. With Zoho People, you now have an automatic timer option too! 
Online leave management - Keep an eye on your work-life balance too! Our Leave Planner lets you mark Time-off and view your company's upcoming holidays!
Approval management - The key role of an HR management software is to handle approvals effectively making sure none gets missed. 
Keep Informed - Zoho People takes a step further from being a mere HRIS software by ensuring that you stay connected as a team while staying on top of your team’s activities via Feeds.  
Files and Forms handling - Zoho People also lets you share files like policies, documents, etc., across your company. Also with Zoho People you can create and share custom forms as easy as ABC.
Special Highlights of Zoho People:
- Are you at the office or away? Use the check-in and check-out option in the Zoho People to mark your presence.
- Clock your working hours using the automatic timer and measure your productivity.
- Reach out to your contacts with just a swipe via email, text or phone call.
- Apply time-off, view leave balances and official holidays using our Leave Planner.
- Get a firm grip on your employees' requests and allow through just the authentic ones.

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