My Beeline app is a fully functional private office in your phone.
Check and refill balance, use services and learn more about your plan with a single tap.

The app allows to:

· enable and disable services and options;
· choose the best plan;
· keep track of your prime and bonus balance;
· control the balance of mobile and internet traffic units included in tariff
· get detailed statement via email;
· recharge your account with credit and debit card;
· find Beeline office nearby;
· get in touch with support team.

Language: Russian.
From version My Beeline 4.5.0:
Высыпаемся, отдыхаем, получаем интернет!
Участвуйте в акциях «Гиги за сон» и «Гиги за детокс» и получайте гигабайты за время, проведённое без смартфона.
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