* Can push the media to multiple media server at the same time
* Can push the live video to live media server via SRT protocol
* Live Push supports HEVC encoder via SRT protocol
* Can use Live Push without turn on IP Camera Server
* Can add location info to EXIF when capture snapshot, you can find the option from Settings
* Add a Audio Indicator

*** The Pro version provides some extra features (e.g. 'Display Video On Lock Screen', 'Auto-record after connected' and so on) from General Settings and without ads **
Using USB 3.0 HDMI capture card : youtu.be/WkmuyfwKVrs
Using UVC H.264 device : youtu.be/j-71QMNuDr0
Connect multiple devices : youtu.be/2znw4eVazDs
RTSP real time stream : youtu.be/-Qzc0RSDerg
RTMP live streaming : youtu.be/S5Bc1r57CUU
Picture In Picture : youtu.be/Mbturdxyi5c
VR/FPV View : youtu.be/zEqBXLNFnE0
Display Video On Lock Screen : youtu.be/Hdf2H_YusO

Supports following devices:
1) UVC WebCam with microphone or external USB Audio input (Supports H.264, MJPG, YUY2, P010 and so on)
2) UVC video grabber with audio input or external USB Audio input (Up to 4K via HDMI, Supports H.264, MJPG, YUY2, P010 and so on, Supports progressive and interlaced video)
3) EasyCap including audio with UTV007 / HTV600 / HTV800 chipsets (VID_1B71&PID_3002)
4) EasyCap including audio with STK1160 + SAA7113/GM7113 + AC97 chipsets (Audio 48kHz stereo version VID_05E1&PID_0408)
5) EasyCap including audio with STK1160 + SAA7113/GM7113 (Audio 8kHz mono version VID_05E1&PID_0408)
6) EasyCap including audio with EM2860 + SAA7113/GM7113 + AC97 chipsets (VID_EB1A&PID_2861)
7) EasyCap including audio with SMI2021 + SAA7113/GM7113 + ES7240/CS5340 chipsets (VID_1C88&PID_0007, PID_003C, PID_003D, PID_003E, PID_003F, PID_1001)

Please click USB icon from toolbar to open Device dialog to open device if the system unable to detect your device.
Please switch the video Standard(PAL/NTSC/SECAM) if video freeze when using EasyCap.
Please use a good quality OTG cable and ensure power supply. Some devices may need to bridge HUB to enhanced USB signals to work properly, e.g. Elgato Cam link, ezcap Video Grabber.
Using HEVC for video recording/streaming requires Android 5.0 or above, and the device must supports HEVC codec.

"USB Camera" can let your android device connect to USB WebCam or video capture card via USB-OTG. You can record video or capture snapshot, OR turn your phone into a wireless IP Camera via build-in RTSP and HTTP Server for security monitoring WITH Bi-directional audio support, you can use your browser to view, of course, include "IP Camera" App.

"USB Camera" can mix USB Audio with a built-in microphone and output.

"USB Camera" can push the video and audio to RTMP/SRT live media server and use for network live broadcast. It also supports the rtmps security protocol and SRT protocol and it can also push the media to multiple media server at the same time.

"USB Camera" supports Side by Side(SBS) view and it can work with FPV goggle

"USB Camera" can add timestamp, GPS, speed and other info on the video frames while recording and can use your headset or Bluetooth headset to capture snapshot and record video. It also supports WebCam's snapshot button.

"USB Camera" supports loop-recording. Can set auto-segment when recording and auto-delete old video archives when no enough storage. "USB Camera" can be used as "Dash Cam"

USB Camera can seamless switching between foreground and background. Just press 'Enter background' from menu. The recording will not interrupted during switching!

It support auto video recording which based on Motion Detection and the video record can be uploaded to FTP server automatically and notify you via Email!

Bi-directional audio requires IP Camera App, you can get it from play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shenyaocn.android.WebCam

IMPORTANT! On Android 9 and above, Camera permission is required to get fully USB Video device access. Don't worry, the application does not contain any function/code to visit built-in camera because it is unnecessary.

This is userspace driver so it used for the app only. Android does not allow to install kernel driver so it unable to use for third-party apps.

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10.7.0 APK
February 7, 2023
Android 11+
10.7.0 APK
February 7, 2023
Android 4.4+
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