[MangoTV] Brand-new app is available! This upgraded version features simpler interface and enhanced functions. HD videos together with panoramic sound present you a refreshing experience. Multi-language subtitles and dubbing free you from language barriers. Access to unlimited high-quality resources: exclusive programs, original Chinese variety shows, reality shows, TV series, films... Now enjoy them all on MangoTV!

[Rich Content]
- Unlimited popular TV series: Unforgettable Love, Our Secret, Use For My Talent, Don't Disturb My Study, Begin Again, Find Yourself, Go Ahead, Under the Power…
- Various original shows: Call Me By Fire, Sister, Back To Field, Great Escape, Who's The Murderer, Meeting Mr. Right, The Chinese Restaurant, Happy Camp, Day Day Up…

[Understand it All]
- Multi-language interface: the more user-friendly and localized interface frees you from language barriers.
- Multi-language subtitles: the free translations help you watch and understand the TV series more easily.
- Multi-language dubbing: intelligent AI dubbing provides you with a more comfortable audio-visual experience.

[Less is More]
- Minimal UI & Maximal Functions: providing you with simplified interface and improved core functions.
- HD videos & Premium Quality: panoramic sound, HDR effect, keyframe preview make video-watching more enjoyable.
- Various Content with one click away: searching becomes convenient and keyword coverage is improved to help present the needed content more quickly.
- Auto Preview & Smart Recommendations: AI recommends what you would like to watch and the video auto-play helps you decide whether to watch.
- Anywhere & Anytime: free download, off-line watching and adding to "My Favorites" are what make it easier.
- Smallest Size & Best Performance: the new version has largely “lost weight” to realize quick start-up and response and smooth loading.

[VIP Privileges]
- Privileges: ad-free, in-advance watching, full access to MangoTV videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.
- Fees: $1.99 for one month, $8.49 for 3 months, and $29.99 for one year.
- Renewal and cancellation: $0.99/month for new VIPs in the first 3 months, then $1.99/month via auto renewal, which can be canceled at any time.

[Contact us]
Sending tickets: APP > Me > Help
Email: service@mgtv.com
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From version MangoTV 6.5.9:

[Hit content all on Mango TV]
-Back To Field S6: The mushroom house finally moves to the beach! Make a wish to the sea, and may everything be as good as ever! Exclusive on Mango TV at 22:00 every Friday!
-Infinity and Beyond: A gathering of super singers to recall memorable Hong Kong music; their songs are infinite and beyond the times. Being aired at 12:00 noon Every Sunday!

Latest: 6.4.29 on September 15, 2021
Latest: 6.4.29 on September 15, 2021
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