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UX improvements Mail and Cloud App - Free mail and cloud storage in one reliable email app

Bring all the speed, convenience and security of your email account and cloud to your smartphone with our free mail app. Enjoy 24/7 access to your mailbox and cloud storage.

EMAIL: Check your mails, reply to email messages, use your mailbox, email folders and contacts - all from your smartphone. One free mail app for multiple email accounts! Experience email mobility with's free mail app for Android.

CLOUD: You can access all files in your Cloud online on your smartphone, so you don't just have your emails in your free mail app, but cloud documents and photos as well. Activate automatic photo backups for more convenience and peace of mind.

The free mail & cloud app features:
- Powerful protection thanks to email encryption & security technology (TLS, SSL)
- Full screen mode, pinch to zoom, and more convenient mailbox functions
- Optional email push notifications
- Synchronization with your smartphone address book (optional)
- PIN or fingerprint lock security
- 2GB free cloud storage included with your free email account
- Access to all items stored in your Cloud
- Upload photos & docs from smartphone to cloud
- Email and share photos from your cloud
- Save email attachments and send documents from cloud storage
- Automatic syncing of mail app and webmail mailbox
- 200+ domains, e.g.

Stay in the loop
With just a click you can access your email address book, inbox and folders. Activate the battery-friendly push email function to fetch your email messages automatically to your mailbox. Get instant notifications on your home screen when new mails arrive in your inbox. Your mails are never more than a glance away with the free mail app.

Your cloud at your fingertips
Our mail app lets you access the free Cloud right in your mailbox, for secure online storage of photos, videos and documents. With cloud mail you can access all stored files online on your smartphone and upload items directly from phone to cloud. An automatic upload function can be activated to back up photos, so your memories are safe in your cloud – no matter what happens to your phone.

Personalize to your heart’s content
The free app is flexible, so you can tweak the mailbox and free email functions to suit you. Set a custom alert tone to be notified of new mails, or if you prefer a quieter mailbox, activate silent vibration notifications. You can change the way your mail list appears and further customize your email inbox. From the makers of GMX mail, Ionos, and 1&1, is an email client that puts you first—so download our free mail app today.

100% convenience
Our free mail & cloud app is packed full of email and cloud features to make life easier. Clean up your mailbox at lightning speed with the ‘Empty Spam’ button, and access important areas of inbox and mails instantly: The pen icon presents you with a blank mail in the blink of an eye, and the magnifying glass icon lets you search your messages for when you need to find an old mail without having to comb through the entire mailbox.

Our free mail app features not only save you time, but also give you peace of mind. If you have an Android 6 smartphone you can activate the fingerprint lock function for added mailbox security; for all other Android devices you can create a PIN code to protect access to your mails and account.

We’re happy to hear from you
Got an idea or comment regarding our mailbox, email app or webmail? Simply click the ‘Feedback’ tab in the ‘Settings’ area of our free mail app to enter your thoughts or questions. Enjoy your free mail & cloud app courtesy of and 1&1, the maker of GMX mail and Ionos.

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December 6, 2022
Android 7.0+
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