In this release, we're back with some cool updates for a better experience in the app.

We've organised the businesses that we have according to their category for a cleaner look. On the homepage, just click on 'Show more' to see how we've arranged it for you. We're also making it easier for you to view your credit account history in the Super App.

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The airasia super app is the only e-commerce platform you need for all your lifestyle and travel purposes. Packed with products (for head to toe) and services for every occasion, there’s so much you can do on the Asean super app.

You already know us as a flight booking app and that hasn’t changed! You can still grab cheap tickets for airasia flights and other airlines on this super app. If you’re looking for the most affordable hotel deals, you’re at the right place too. Find thousands of hotel booking options here; we have a number of properties to accommodate your every need.

Book Your Flights! As the world’s best budget airline, we work hard to keep our promises to you. With amazingly low prices on flight tickets, wanderlust-inducing flight deals and frequent flight promotions on offer, you’ll be able to fly off to any destination around the world when you book on the airasia super app.

As an airline, airasia has truly opened up the world with its cheap flights. Our Super Sale, with promo tickets and the lowest flight fares in town, have enabled travelers to explore domestic and international destinations worldwide.

We have fine-tuned the airasia app to ensure that your booking process is smooth sailing. Once you’ve made your flight booking, you can also buy extras like onboard meals and beverages, and pick your preferred seat for extra legroom on the flight. airasia Red Carpet guests will get to enjoy the privilege of express check-in at the airport too.

Reserve Your Hotels! Now that we’ve gotten you to your dream destination, let’s get you checked into the best hotels out there. We have expanded the airasia super app to include hotel bookings, and there are thousands of affordable hotel rooms and serviced apartments ready for your choosing.

With the hotel app, your hotel search will be over sooner than you know. It consolidates all the best deals available, providing you with a list of hotel accommodations, great discounts and promotional offers too.

The hotel booking app caters to all kinds of travellers and their adventures: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, beach hotels, resort hotels, villa, homestays, condotels, bungalows and serviced apartments.

You can also choose your hotel’s amenities and facilities. From features like swimming pools and gyms, to room amenities such as refrigerators, bathtubs and private balconies, the app puts you in control of what you want. You’ll also be able to see if the property offers complimentary internet services or has restaurants.

Comfort is key, especially in the bedroom. Filter down your choices by choosing from a selection of king beds, queen beds, double beds, twin beds, single beds or even bunk beds. If your preferred option isn’t available, a request can always be made when you check in.

Travelling with your family also means extra planning to keep everyone happy, but with the airasia super app, your job is half done. We have properties that are tailored for a family stay, with facilities like air conditioning throughout the property, car parks, a fully-equipped kitchen, fridge, washing machine or dry cleaning and ironing facilities.

If you’re looking to enter the chill zone and not leave, then you’ll want to look out for properties with a swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, night club, bar, spa, sauna or even massage services. Most of our hotels also offer complimentary water and snacks.

Breakfast buffets are still a highlight of our vacations, but who are we kidding? We look forward to every lunch, dinner and dessert too.
You can find all this information and more available on the airasia app, enabling you to make the best decision on your hotel accommodation.

You can also earn BIG Points with every purchase so get ready for an exciting and enriching travel experience.

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