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Explore your family story through photos, stories, historical documents and records, genealogy, and so much more. Just build a family tree, take a name and we'll help you to discover long-lost relatives, and share your family stories anytime, anywhere with the Ancestry® app.

Why you’ll love to discover your family history and explore origins using Ancestry:
• View your family tree, search and add new family members, upload photos, and share stories - all with just a few taps
• Explore and share your discoveries from your long lost family and collaborate with friends and relatives with one simple tap
• Discover your family history easily with our hints, matches, and search
• Our dynamic Discover feed lets you review, dismiss, and save your hints for later
• Enjoy our new modern layout design, making it even easier for you to explore
• With a free trial or paid subscription easily access more than 27 billion records, photos, and more
• Discover stories, photos, and records about your ancestors with Ancestry Hints®
• Preserve your family story and essential information (photos, genealogy, stories, documents, life events, and more) in a single location so it can be preserved for generations to come
• Collaborate with friends and family and find your family story - it couldn’t be easier
• Combine with your DNA result to help you learn more about your origins, family hierarchy, and relatives.

Free Features:
• Build a family tree
• Search the 1940 U.S. Census record and access millions of public records
• Receive hints based on your tree
• Upload family pictures
• Receive messages from Ancestry members
• See your ancestors' life stories on a map

Available with an optional free trial or subscription:
• View more than 27 billion records
• Add records to your tree
• Use hints to learn about ancestors
• Find pictures of your family
• Enjoy unrestricted messaging
• With World Explorer membership, access to more than 30 billion worldwide records

Android Phone and Tablet Features:

• Curious about your family tree and long-lost family history? Simply look up a relative's name and share what you discover with your loved ones
• Remember the high school years by finding yearbook photos to share with your close family and friends, all with just a quick one tap
• Review your personalized hints
• Add photos, hints, or ancestor stories and watch your family tree grow
• With a free trial or paid subscription access more than 27 billion records, photos, and more
• Sync automatically with your Ancestry account
• Easily upload photos and add facts or stories to your family tree
• Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors and long lost family members
• Watch Ancestry Academy Videos that get you started with genealogy research

Download the Ancestry Family History today to explore origins and discover your family tree, long-lost relatives, origins, genealogy, and so much more!

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December 3, 2021
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