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Angkas is your all in one delivery, ride-hailing, padala and taxi app! Use Angkas to book a biker and get an alternative delivery and travel service from A - B. Our motorcycle couriers promise timely, safe and efficient assistance, so you can have peace of mind, even on the most hectic of days!

How Angkas works:
1. Simply input pick up and drop off details, either for yourself as the passenger, the parcel you need delivered or for your online food delivery.
2. Insert notes for your driver - for example, is the package fragile? What is the weight of the parcel? Does the package contain food? Is the location difficult to find? The more information you give to our drivers, the better care we can take of you, or your parcel! Please also use this area to input recipient contact info (name and mobile number). Please note, items not properly received will be sent back by Angkas, at cost to the sender.
3. Confirm your fare by pressing BOOK, and head to the designated location once you've been allocated a biker.

Where can you access our bikers?
Anywhere in Metro Manila, Angkas have you covered on our easy-to-use app. Whether you need to pay for a last minute express motorcycle taxi, or to have something urgently delivered, we’re here for you 24/7. We also cover Metro Manila and Metro Cebu).

Why deliver with the Angkas motorcycle app?
Book our online delivery service and trust our drivers with small and valuable parcels, or bigger packages up to 10kg. We can deliver a range of items, including but not limited too:
- We deliver food and beverages
- Vegetable delivery, groceries and other general goods
- Flowers, gifts, cakes and balloons
- Fragile parcels and packages
- Urgent documents
- We offer a fast, effective motorcycle courier service

Food delivery service
Our motorcycle couriers provide you a speedy food delivery service which enables you to order a biker to pick up and deliver your food and beverages (hot or cold). Provide as much information as possible along with your online food orders, so we can assure your food gets delivered safely.

Angkas are a trusted padala app, so you can ensure your parcels arrive safely

Why use our motorcycle taxi services?
- With only a few taps you can book a biker to pick you up.
- Once you’ve booked your biker you’re able to track them in real time.
- We offer upfront pricing and payment, so you can always be sure how much your fare will cost!
- We have a 99.997% safety rating and great drivers who receive a high standard of training!

Benefits to using an Angkas biker
- Grab an Angkas motorcycle driver for quick parcel delivery
- We also offer an express taxi service, getting you from A - B, hassle free!
- Ride quickly through traffic on the back of our bikes, or ensure time-sensitive packages (like hot food or important documents) arrive safely!
- Pay your fare before you ride, so you know upfront how much you’ll be spending.
- Our motorcycle taxi and delivery app has tracking in place for our bikers, so you’ll always know where they are.
- We’re a trusted package courier app, so you can ensure everything from gifts and cakes to paperwork and general food shopping parcels will arrive safely at its end destination.
- Become our passenger by booking a taxi ride in minutes, to then travel safely and quickly across our metro locales.

Terms and Conditions
- Please take due precaution to ensure your items are well protected from potential damage.
- Items must be unsealed and inspected by the biker.
- Prohibited Items: cash, precious stones or jewelry, banderols/tax stickers, negotiable instruments, weapons and other hazardous materials,. Animals, human remains, pornography, and any illegal goods such as narcotics.
- Largest Package Size Guidance: 10kg, 43cm x 38cm x 24cm.
- All items are insured up to P3,000.
- Taxi passengers on Angkas bikes must ensure their own safety by following the instructions of the biker at all times.

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