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ApowerMirror is a powerful screen mirroring app that can be used to mirror phone to PC, Mac, TV, and other mobile devices like phones or tablets. Also, it allows you to remotely control Android from PC or Mac using your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it offers additional features for you to record screen, take a screenshot, add notes, and more.

👍Key Functions

Mirror Android to PC with Audio
ApowerMirror allows you to cast and share Android screen to PC via USB or WiFi. Using this, you can freely stream videos, display apps, share meeting contents, or play Android games from PC or Mac. Besides, you can cast and stream audio from Android to PC or Mac using its microphone casting feature while screen mirroring.

Cast phone to TV
This screencasting app can also be used for screen mirroring Android to TV. You can enjoy videos and other screen activities on a bigger screen with it. The screen sharing can be achieved easily and you can cast phone by auto-detection, PIN code, or QR code.

Mirror phone to phone or tablet
ApowerMirror is also a good screen mirroring app to mirror phone to phone or tablet. With this, you can mirror Android to Android/iOS devices and mirror iOS to iOS/Android devices.

Mirror PC to phone or tablet
This amazing screen mirroring tool also enables you to project and mirror PC to phone. You can cast your computer screen to your Android and iOS devices and control your PC from your phone. With that, you can access all files on your computer and even use PC apps on your phone.

👍Highlighted Features

Control Android from PC
When screen mirroring Android to PC, you can take full control of the screen with your mouse and keyboard. Therefore, you are able to share PPT to your colleagues, enjoy movies on a bigger screen, or play phone games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft and other games on PC.

Record & capture phone screen
ApowerMirror can also be used as a screen recorder as it enables you to record all the activities on your phone screen seamlessly while screen mirroring. Nevertheless, it is capable of taking a screenshot with one click anytime you want during screen mirroring.

Send messages using keyboard
While screen mirroring, if you want to send SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other messages, this application offers you the convenience of typing in words and send messages utilizing the computer keyboard. And you can change the input method on the PC directly.

Show Android notifications on PC
Once a new notification arrives on your phone, for example, a coming call, a new message, or a business email, it will be displayed on PC simultaneously. You won’t miss any important notifications when you are working on a computer.

How to use ApowerMirror

☆Steps to mirror phone to PC

Via USB:
1. Turn on USB debugging on your Android.
2. Connect your Android to PC via USB cable. On your phone, if a window appears asking to allow USB debugging, choose “Always allow from this computer” and tap “OK”.
3. Open the app on your phone. A notification will pop up. Tap “START NOW” and your Android screen will be mirrored to PC.

Via WiFi:
1. Connect your phone and PC to the same WiFi network.
2. Open the app on your phone. Tap the "Mirror" icon to scan for the available devices.
3. Choose your computer whose name begins with “Apowersoft”. Tap “START NOW” to start screen mirroring.

☆Steps to mirror phone to TV
1. Connect your Android phone and TV to the same LAN.
2. Run the app on your phone and tap the blue mirror button to search for your TV.
3. Tap the name of your TV to connect. You can also scan the QR code on your TV to cast your phone screen on your TV.

Note: Please download ApowerMirror software on PC from www.apowersoft.com/phone-mirror.

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September 12, 2020
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Android 5.0+
1.7.6 APK
September 12, 2020
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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