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With this release, we add two new functionalities to our app:

- As off now, you can consult your documents via the app

- And you can easily pay invoices by scanning them

We also solved several issues and bugs.
Quickly and easily manage your finances. Everywhere and at any time. Without a digipass. Thanks to the Argenta Banking app you carry your bank safely with you.

Argenta likes to keep things simple and practical. We listen to our customers and customize the features in our app according to their needs. Therefore we do not propose a whole range of options you never use. In our app you will only find useful and frequently used functionalities, presented in a clear way:

• check the balance and transactions of your checking and savings accounts;
• manage transfers;
• check the transactions of your cards;
• find an Argenta branch office;
• consult the balance of your pension savings account and deposit additional payments;
• make connection with the app using fingerprint.

The app allows you to quickly check the balance of your current account when shopping, to repay immediately the money that a friend loaned you, or to pay your bills in no time while cooking ... Exactly what you need.

Banking with the Argenta Banking app is not only convenient but also safe. Your money and your data are protected. That you can count on.

In addition, the app is completely free. Download it and get started right away.

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Please note: this app can only be used by Belgian Argenta customers.
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January 17, 2019
Android 4.0.3+
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